Rats' Tails + Bingo Cards = Better Farms

What would you do to be able to play bingo? Are you willing to trade rats' tails for bingo cards? You might not be probably that enthusiastic about it, but certain farmers in Quezon, a province in the Philippines, were.

Last year, farmers from Quezon were busy hunting for rats in rice fields. Apparently, they were all ready to get down and dirty for bingo games.

The project was initiated by the Provincial Board Member, and was made possible with the help of the Barangay Captains. This was their answer to the perennial problem of their rat-infested farms in that area.

Because of the rodents, many of the crops were destroyed and cannot be sold to the market. Thus, their revenue had declined significantly. Naturally, local government officials wanted to put a stop to this dilemma. But instead of traditional solutions, they have decided to solve their problem in a more interesting way. The result was a bingo event in which you buy cards not with your money but with rat tails instead.

A bingo card was worth five rat tails each, so you could just imagine how big the rat hunt was during that time. Of course, the farmers wanted to participate in bingo games, the prizes were very tempting. Aside from the prizes, the farmers themselves realized just how much damage the rodents had caused to their farms, so obviously, they desperately wanted to get rid of them.

The fun started not at the moment the bingo games began. The locals found it very exciting to hunt for the rats together. Farmers, their wives, the children, and almost everyone else, joined in to get these rats out of the farms. It was like Easter egg hunting with a twist.

The result was extraordinary. Not only did they get rid of the rodents, but they all had fun doing it. The reward was not only the prizes at the bingo games, but more importantly, the farms were in good shape again.

In the end, everybody was happy. The revenue kicked up again and the winners took home prizes from the bingo games. Because of the huge success of the said project, other neighboring provinces are seriously considering adapting the same kind of strategy.

In a nutshell, it has been proven again that bingo does a lot of things, including solving problems in a fun way. Come to think of it, who would have thought that bingo cards could get rid of rats?