Italian Superenalotto on online casinos

In the world of gambling and lottery games, each country has got their own lotteries, having with different rules even though lottery games are basically very similar to each others.

In Italy, the most popular lottery game is called Superenalotto and, at the following address it is possible to have a detailed overview of that engaging Italian game. People have been playing superenalotto since 1997 and there are three draws every week, exactly on Tuesdays, on Thursdays and on Saturdays.

Once, it was simply called Enalotto and it was founded in 1950 until Sisal changed that old game turning it into something more modern and compelling; that’s how Enalotto became Superenalotto about 15 years ago. Today, you don’t need to live in Italy in order to give a try to that Italian game; instead, it is possible to play that Italian lottery game on many online casino sites which follow the same rules of the Mediterranean lottery game.

While in Italy the cost of superenalotto ticket is about 1 euro, on most online casino sites the price could be a little different, because there are additional fees. However, the fun remains the same!

The player purpose is to match six numbers in order to win the jackpot. However, it is not needed to match them all to win the prize: it is enough to match three, or four, or five, or five and the jolly number to win. In this way, it doubles the fun, because there are more chances to win!