Special Terms Of Bingo

A list of quick guidelines for bingo terminologies has been provided below. Bingo, like other casino games, has developed its unique set of terms, ones that only frequent bingo players will understand. If you are a bingo fan, it would be helpful to be familiar with these terms.

Blackout: It is also called "coverall". This means that the entire number square on the card should be called out and has been marked.

Caller: This is the person that calls out the numbers in each game.

Dauber: a marker pen that has been applied to the card, if a certain number has been called out by the caller. The dauber usually is a bottle filled with ink with a foam tip.

Early-Bird Game: The early starters of the game. They play when the games start ahead of schedule.

Free Space: Every bingo card has a free square in the middle. The square is vacant. The function of the free space is like a joker in a game of cards.

Game Board: All numbers that are called are displayed on the game board for monitoring purposes.

Game Room: Online bingo will often refer to a game room, its purpose is for a single set of players only.

G.T.I.: For multiple packs, this dauber is used. This is an electronic system. Electronic systems are usually for rentals that require a fee.

Hard Way Bingo: A game pattern that requires the player to cover an entire straight line without the free space.

Jackpot: The bonus prize money for a difficult pattern. Best example of a hard pattern is the blackout.

Minimum Buying: The smallest amount of cash out of the bingo player to be included the game.

Money Ball: Before the game begins, the caller will call out a number. If a player wins on that special number, his prize will be doubled.

Pattern: This simply refers the winning shape covering the bingo card.

Progressive Jackpot: Accumulated prize money. If no one gets the prize money, the jackpot will increase until a player hits the required combination to win it.

Rainbow Pack: A paper pack that lets the players vie for three or four distinct prizes in a single period of time.

Six Pack: A single card that contains six numbers in one block.

Validation: This is the term used to verify additional prizes or jackpots. The prize depends on the number of cards the player is holding.

This is some of the terminology used in bingo games. You will be familiar with these words if you play bingo often. Bingo is a game you won't want to miss, a true gaming classic.